Minggu, 14 November 2010

count dracula black history

Massacre Muslims in the Crusades

Massacre Muslims in the Crusades, not a work of fiction, but the history books. It may be because during the story of Dracula is closely related to blood-thirsty vampire, "The story of Count Dracula savagery that Hidden Over 500Year ". The war is nearly over 5 Salibyang this century have been many casualties, both from Christian and Islamic parties. In the last Babakan war, the forces involved in fighting the cone, namely the Kingdom of Hungary, as a representative of Christianity against the Turkish Ottoman Empire / Ottoman-as representative of Islam. In this situation Dracula was born. "Dracul" means "dragon" - which is the father of Dracula. Dracula was the second child of Vlad Dracul. Dracula has the original name of Vlad Tepes. The name Dracula is derived from the Romanian language, Draculea. The suffix "ea" in Romanian means "son of", so it means a child of Dracul.Selama Draculea reign that lasted only 6 years he has slaughtered approximately 500,000 residents Wallachia. Of course the number of casualties could not be regarded as small in the context of medieval . Most of the victims of the massacre of Dracula was killed by a cruel way. Before they were tortured killed first. Methods of torture used Dracula to torture his victims, among others, impalement, boiling alive of victims, nailing the victim's head, trapping the victim's neck, damaging vital organs women, and some other torture methods that are not less cruel. Among these methods of torture impalement is the most famous. impalement torture by inserting a wooden-arm for adults who have dilancipkan-tip into the rectum. After sula enter the body later anchored so that the victim stake continue to go through the victim's body to penetrate into the neck, back, or head. Usually this kind of torture carried out by Dracula in bulk, so that once a "ceremony" impalement number of victims could reach 2000orang.Di between Dracula's victims are mostly Muslims. Hyphatia estimates the number of victims reached 300,000 orangMasa terror against Muslims and residents of new Wallachia ends when Dracula was killed.

picture of count dracula

adventure to the city of Jember

week of 26 September 2010

I and friends will be an adventure into the muddy town by train, first of all me and my friends agreed to gather at his home Galehafter the gathering I went to the station Semputo ride a motorcycle. arrived at the station we directly buy the tickets and waiting for the train to comeafter a long wait finally the train arrived to muddyand immediately we quickly climbed into the wagonon the train we sing, play cards, and vent
friends were playing cards to reduce a sense of saturation on the train
and there we walk to the plaza, mosque and shopsand do not forget to buy souvenirsafter quite a long time in the muddy streets we finally go home